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Textile exports to pick up the signal _10661 Deal 
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Post Textile exports to pick up the signal _10661 Deal
Are struggling to survive near the line of Chinese textile enterprises are now finally looked up a strong straw, after repeated research, the relevant ministries is preparing to introduce a series of favorable policies to support is in trouble The Chinese textile industry.
A source close to decision-makers told reporters that the newly established Ministry of Information and industrialization recently issued a report designed to address the difficulties currently facing the textile industry opinion letter, at present, the file is still in for comments in .
Correspondent was informed that the
to 3%, has been implemented since June 5), eliminating the part of textile machinery, automatic winder import tariffs; to take measures to moderate the appreciation of the RMB exchange rate slower speed; moderate to solve textile and garment industry and other aspects of liquidity problems the content.

Reporter then call the broad participation in policy discussions of the Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Chinese textiles, the relevant ministries to get the answer is really in the discussion, but .
China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Cao Xinyu, vice president, told reporters:
We think this is very encouraging news.
Response to short-term crisis
2008 Earlier this year, China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce is doing a textile import and export for the year 2007, the situation of routine investigation.
very sad day this year. October 2007, Chinese textile exports to the United States began to decline, while the U.S. has been the most important of China's textile export markets.
intersection of the material written report.

profitability has been greatly affected.
According to statistics of China Textile Industry Association, under the influence of various factors in the current industry-wide 2 / 3 of the company's actual profit margin is only 0.62%.
The industry a broad consensus is that if the basic profitability of the textile industry can not be guaranteed, industrial upgrading and industrial restructuring is the question.
Deal or July launch
6 10 May, the interbank foreign exchange market transactions such as currency U.S. dollar central parity rate of RMB: 1 U.S. dollar against 6.9199 yuan, breaking the 6.92 mark first, and then a new high since the foreign exchange reform.
To industry sources, the current appreciation of the RMB and the export tax rebate policy adjustment, has become a decision-making can only be That is, if the exchange rate has stabilized, the introduction of export tax rebate policy would be much less urgency; and if the pace of appreciation accelerated through the export tax rebate to reduce the possibility of export pressure will be much larger.
Industry believes that, perhaps in July, the introduction of export tax rebate policy should be a better time.
Cao Xinyu, China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce believes that the current harsh market environment for the majority of textile enterprises have been deeply aware of the importance of industrial upgrading, at this point the introduction of favorable policies, the timing just right.
Yu Textile Co.,cloth headbands, Ltd., general manager of the Malaysian Water said happily.
His business more than 90% of products sold abroad, the current harsh market environment that the majority of textile enterprises of Zhejiang main hurt. and although the current policy has not been fully introduced, but the news of the textile enterprises in Zhejiang has caused a considerable response.
Textile policy of this discussion, the first textile network editor to be highly Wang forward.
In his view, this policy change, before and after the study period experienced a full, warm-up period, and launched a more public discussion, business advice have been effectively communicated, the final effect of the policies that will will become more apparent.
Why the preferential textile
National textile policy will be issued good news, in other industries has created quite a controversy. is a general point of view is, by the subprime crisis,personalized caps, RMB appreciation, Labor Law, influence, and not just a textile and garment industry, footwear, toys, furniture and other labor-intensive export industries are most been hit.
Fact, this year, shoes, toys and many other trade associations, have all been related to the Department of Commerce report, requested policy support.
This, the industry believes that, under the same circumstances, the sub-prime crisis on the textile industry, a greater impact.
And China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, said Cao Xinyu, vice chairman of China's textile industry is relatively complete industrial chain of textile industry policy adjustments, the beneficiary enterprises face relatively large: the ultimate benefit of not just textiles, clothing, upstream of the agricultural industry, weaving, dyeing, etc., but also the downstream logistics,promotional clothing, and packaging.
Cao also said that compared to shoes, toys and other industries, the textile industry environmental cost is relatively small, while the textile industry in the protection of labor is also relatively mature. In his view, to support the textile industry, industrial upgrading is more in line with government targets.

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